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About the Gallery: Thistle Fine Art was begun in 2000 as a private on-line gallery for displaying a collection of art acquired over a period of forty years and in 2005 a Gallery was opened on Main Street in Rockport, Massachusetts. Modest success was enjoyed but the initial success could not be sustained after the 2008 recession, leading to closure of Gallery in 2010. The items listed in this website are a selection from my personal collection and a few items purchased while the Gallery was open. The art represented is a kaleidoscope of subjects and styles, periods and schools with special emphasis on works of English and Scottish origin, from the period 1850 to 1950.

A Word from the Collector: My collection was begun in 1970 while living in Scotland, and continued after returning to the United States.

Over the years paintings were acquired from a variety of sources while continuing my career in education. Most of the art offered here are those paintings and prints I was least willing to sell - not because of their intrinsic value, but for the "back story". (Some of those stories are told in my BLOG.) Art acquires extrinsic value reflecting the acquisition and pleasure provided over the years.

Enjoy your visit to this site and please email me for further information or assistance if you see something of interest - or just wish to share your impressions. While I would like to recover my investment, my primary objective is for the art to be appreciated. With few exceptions, I've bought quality works by professional artists for reasonable prices. My mission is to find buyers who are enthusiastic collectors, but I will consider all offers - including an offer for the entire inventory/collection.

Best regards,

B. L. Lowe

Descriptions are as detailed as possible and, in most instances, are supported by one or more images. Every attribution is given with the greatest care, and additional information will be provided upon request.

Returns: Upon receipt of a painting the buyer may request a full refund - less shipping charges both ways, if not totally satisfied. Notification of intent to return a painting must be provided within seven days of receip.

Guarantee: After seven days, returns will be accepted upon written notification by an art professional (museum, major gallery, or an academic familiar with the artist or period) that the painting was inaccurately described or was incorrectly attributed. In such an event, a full refund will be given, including the buyers expense for returning the painting, subject to the return of the painting within 30 days of purchase.

Insurance: Every shipment is insured. If there is damage to the box or crate, the seller must be promptly informed to determine the process for claiming reimbursement or to arrange the return of a shipment for refund.

Frames (if applicable): No representation is made with respect to the age or condition of frames. Comments regarding frames and images of frames when provided in the description are for general guidance and are not intended to be definitive.

Prices: All prices quoted will include packing, insurance, and economy shipping charges for delivery within the forty-eight contiguous states. Charges for all other shipments are subject to mutual agreement between the seller and buyer. The price of every item in the gallery represents a fair market evaluation, based upon prices realized for similar art. Please email or telephone for prices. Offers are invited and every offer will be acknowledged with an acceptance or a counter offer. Some art has already been discounted, however, and further reductionss may not be possible. 

Payments: Credit card payment via  PayPal is preferred, but other options are available. Orders will be shipped within three days of cleared payment.

NOTICE: Some items may be listed on eBay - Seller name VANGOGH.

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