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John MacLauchlan Milne RSA
1886 - 1957

The Tay Valley
, oil on canvas, signed/dated '12 l/l,
12" x 16" sight, 22" x 26" frame.

About the Painting: Excellent condition; original frame (also in very good condition).

About the Artist: Born in Edinburgh, the son of Joseph Milne, also an artist. Studied Edinburgh College of Art and lived at Kingoodie near Dundee until the outbreak of the First World War. Served in the RFC and returned briefly to Dundee before going to Paris where he painted a series of street scenes. Also lived at Lavardin in the south of France with his French wife, and while there he benefited from a stipend paid by the Dundee marmalade manufacturers Keillers, who took a proportion of his work. Often stayed at Cassis at the same time as Cadell, Peploe and Duncan Grant. On the outbreak of the Second World War he returned to Scotland and settled on Arran. He painted in a light and broad manner reflecting the influence of the Scottish Colourists and van Gogh, especially in his flower paintings. Died Isle of Arran. Source -

Note: Although attributed to MacLauchlan Milne by the previous owner, there is some question about authenticity. If this is by the attributed artist, which we believe to be the case, it is an early work and not representative of the artist's later paintings from France and the Western Isles - though sylistically one can see the artist's later development. (See http://www.portlandgallery.com/artist/John_Maclauchlan_Milne.) Nevertheless, it is typical of the late 19th and early 20th century Scottish School in both design and color. The artist's treatment of the sky is especially impressive and the landscape is beautifully presented in the original gilt and acanthus leaf frame. Interestingly, James L. Caw, who in 1908 was the "authority" on Scottish painting, Scottish Painting Past and Present), does not mention either Milne, father or son. He did critique many lesser contemporary artists. This might be accounted for by MacLauchlan Milne's temporary move to Canada. It should be stated, also, that few works that might be attributed to MIlne from his early period are seen in the art market, and none that I'm aware of bearing the full signature appearing on his post-war paintings.

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