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Paxton, Bill (American)
c. 1935 - 2007

About the Paintings: All are in very good condition; painted on artists' prepared board.

Biography: William (Bill) Paxton was born in Maine during the depression and as early as he can remember he was always sketching. By the time he was in high school he was winning contests and awards for his talent. He decided there and then that he should pursue art as his career but unfortunately there was no money to be earned at that time to put him through college. So he joined the Air Force in the late 40's and in a short period of time became a frontline military sketch artist which he did for 22 years. Upon retirement (Bill) returned to his native Maine and set forth to capture the essence of Maine through brush and pallet. His acrylics and watercolors of coastal, combat and transport scenes soon caught on and the accolades soon rolled in. Now in his seventies Bill still paints with vengeance. He shuns the spotlight and lives a somewhat hermitic lifestyle and is content in that role. Today Bill Paxton is by far the #1 selling artist in Maine. His art is sold all over the world and he has become one of Maine's true treasures. - from http://www.maine-antiques.com.   

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