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Cooper, William Sidney (English)

Sheep resting, watercolor, signed/dated 1901 l/r,
12" x 18" sight, 24" x 32" frame.

About the Art: Very good overall condition; original frame with some missing gesso, new mat and glass. A scratch in the sky area, middle right, and several foxing spots are not observable in the photo image and not conspicuous; otherwise, condition is very good.

About the Artist: William Sidney Cooper was a painter of landscapes in both oil and
, usually with the inclusion of sheep and cattle. Although he does not appear to be related to Thomas Sidney Cooper, certain books list him as being his second son. It can also be said that his subject matter is very similar to that of Thomas Sidney Cooper. He exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and Suffolk Street between 1871 and 1908 with titles including: Springtime, Isle of Wight, 1881, The Avon at Ringwood, 1889, Twilight on the Thames, 1884. An example of his work can be found at the Reading Museum.

Note: The artist's work appears regularly at auction with paintings of this quality selling routinely for prices in the four figures.

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