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Xuanzeng, Zhang (Chinese)
1954 - Living

Lotus Flower, watercolor, signed l/r,
21" x 15" unframed.

About the Painting: Very good condition; purchased from the artist's agent.

About the Artist: Zhang Xuanzeng was born in 1954. He lives in Niudong and is a member of the Peasant Painting Association of Huxian township in Shaanxi. He is, also, an Artist Member of Xi'an Association. Zhang has won awards in exhibitions throughout China, and has shown internationally. Notable works include Red Chinese Sorghum, Mentioning Water and Fighting a Drought, and Herding and Returning.

Note: This beautiful painting is painted by the artist/peasant living in Huxian, which is a small county located in Shaanxi province - the center part of China. Huxian is about 40 kms away from the Ancient Chinese Capital - Xian (where the famous underground army of Terra-Cotta Warriors & Horses were found ).These painters are a group of farmers who started painting in the 1950s, and have since gained national and international fame. The most outstanding feature of the paintings is that they vividly depict aspects of daily life in the countryside, their work activities, lively festivals, special events, celebrations and colorful local costumes by using simple painting techniques. The paintings are bold and whimsical. Their works of art reflect their feelings, their thoughts, their wishes for the future, customs and the beauty they see in the world around them. Each painting is the result of the artists' industrious labour and each has its own individual painting style. Their style can be described as primitive, with child-like figures and bright colors which are not always true to life. Source: Previous owner.

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